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Shake ‘em Down Mamma 


Verse 1

Met a sly city girl on a dusty track

High heels on with her luggage on her back

Said she walked a dirty road but she came out clean

Been to see her Mamma down in New Orleans


Verse 2

Her posters hangin’ in her old school ground

Say’s she’s gone missin’ and she’s never been found

Left the school house put on a brand new hat

Sorted out her baggage and she never looked back



Shake ‘em ’ down Mamma, shake ‘em down clean

Shake ‘em down girl that’s the name of the game

Shake ’ em down Mamma, shake ‘em down clean

Don’t listen no pimp down in New Orleans


Verse 3

Sittin’ in a truck-stop takin’ on fuel,

Spied a little girl there actin‘ like a fool

Her far away eyes gave away her story away

She came and shared my cabin ‘til the light of day