2021 Updates! STORMCELLAR COLLECTIVE now out there doing stuff IRL! Yes! We're still semi-covid circumstance tho...


From the 2019 Sydney Blues Players of the Year, Stormcellar, comes their COVID friendly World music manifestation, The Stormcellar Collective, hosts of the web series 'Downtime'.

Featuring those Stormcellar Fellers you love led by singer songwriter Michael Barry, Theo ‘The Boss’ Wanders, Collective Members Michael Coggins of the Subterreans and ‘The Fox, and guests, Stormcellar Collective reinterpret original Fusion Roots, Blues and Country to keep you safely grooving on the socially distanced spot!


What's been said About Stormcellar


 "Stormcellar are an innovative roots music band from Australia that has spent the last 11 years blending many different roots genres with multimedia and human performance....Stormcellar radiates the confidence of an established band comfortably pushing its creativity in public. All of this music is deserving of your time and fans of lyrical songwriting may find this to be their new favorite band. Play these albums for anyone needing a reason to still believe in perfectly-executed guitar-and-vocal music."

“Stormcellar is a band that has done one of the hardest tricks of all, that being making simple roots music with individuality and modern appeal. This isn't a history-lesson outfit obsessed with recreating one particular place and time. It's a 21st Century group that makes new music while standing on old shoulders. Highly recommended. You should probably stop reading and go buy this record”

Mike O’Cull, mikeocull.com

‘James Taylor with Cojones….Killer riffs & powerhouse songwriters’

No Depression Magazine

‘Over the years, the band has continued its evolution by crossing the paths of other music, other artists, up to this double CD that offers us this successful mix of stories of life, musicality, and freedom, a privilege of artists who know how to free themselves from styles and modes. Fed by blues, rock, folk ... they are Australian, which is why I chose the word Australiana to describe their music.’

‘Blues Again’ Magazine, France

‘There is a harder edge to the band…but the genre is not damaged one iota! It’s successfully right in the pocket throughout. Their original material is well within the range, with some political stances taken (“We the People”, “Chalk Angels”) – the few covers appropriately chosen and played… a paving stone in the pathway of a good band as they find their “voice” in this music. The blues takes many forms… this is just one or two of them! Good stuff.’

LIVING BLUES #252; Vol. 48, #6 - December 2017... pp. 55/56.

‘Fun, quirky and original’ Drum Magazine, Sydney


An iconic Sydney mix of Roots, Blues, Rock & Folk, Stormcellar have achieved local and international recognition for 11 years worth performance & production, with three #1 albums on the local Australian Blues & Roots Charts and chart positions in the US & France.

Stormcellar have produced 11 albums, been reviewed in Living Blues & No Depression, gained a spot for their self produced viral videos on the Today Show & ABC's RAGE and continued recording with some of the top talent in AUS & the US, touring with DC Bellamy (Aretha Franklin), recording, writing for and backing Millage Gilbert (Elmore James Band), Danny Cox (Brewer & Shipley), writing with Rick Lyons (Awarded US Midwest Poet), Larry Crane (Cougar Mellencamp Band), Mike 'Fettler' Kerin (Slim Dusty Band), Harry Brus (Renee Geyer), Bukhuchulun Ganburged (Mongolian Khyrgraa Master), Dr Geoffrey Gartner (Sydney Ballet Orchestra), Marina de Tomayo (Flamenco Australia) and the Enmore Solidarity Choir. While they were at it, Stormcellar wrote & recorded the theme song 'Return of the King' for Five Dock’s own wrestling sensations AWE (Australian Wrestling Entertainment).


Stormcellar spent 18 months in service to the mighty Radiators as support; they've played US & Australian Festivals & Community events, bars, clubs and street fairs from Tamworth to Nashville, Chicago, Indianapolis, Wollongong & can be found anywhere from late night bars in Newtown to market mornings in Bowral, or lost on a highway in the US Midwest.

To contact Stormcellar & Stormcellar Collective


Paul Read



Roger Onbestaand

Virtual Manager

US: 773 382 8852

or send us an email via CONTACT FORM

For more information, check out our music and videos here.

What's Been Going On Recently?


MAR 2021 - First live gig for Stormcellar since 2020!
FEB 2021 - Downtime Season 2 commenced



Dec 2020 - 'Downtime Season 1' album in production, first Stormcellar Collective album in Production
Nov 2020 - Stormcellar Collective host 3rd annual Cooma CRAB

Aug 2020 - Stormcellar wins SBS Members Choice Award, 2nd year running.

Mar 2020 - Streaming show 'Downtime' launched featuring Stormcellar Collective

Feb 2020 - Stormcellar complete 5th US tour

Feb 2020 Production commenced on 12th Studio album In Clarksdale MS

Feb 2020 Stormcellar hosts fundraiser for WIRES in Kansas City, appears on Kansas City Fox 4 Morning Show with Kathy Quinn.



November 2019 - 2nd 'C.R.A.B' festival curated by Stormcellar

Aug - 'Cross Fire' from the Salon project with Den Hanrahan and Christina Crofts released on video & single.

July - Stormcellar win Blues Player of the Year challenge, headed to memphis in 2020.

June - Stormcellar 'best live band' award from the Sydney Blues Society, in a tie with the legendary Foreday Riders!

Mar - Stormcellar Country Collection Vol 1. released online

Mar - C.R.A.B festival 2 confirmed!

Feb - Stormcellar Blues Collection Vol 1. released online.

Feb - Video for 'Go Down Easy' released using home footage from 4RAR/6RAR's Vietnam deployment 1969

Last Quarter of 2018 

- Joined our friends at the Inaugural C.R.A.B Cooma

- Released Safe Harbour (SC 1801)

- Released Safe Harbour/Rogue State Companion album set ( SC1803)

- Safe Harbour/Rogue State goes to #3 on the ABARC Charts

- Safe Harbour/Rogue State gets reviewed in France!

- Made like, a bunch of videos. Pirouette, Minor Miracle (oh i like that one) and some other stuff. Go to youtube chan


First video from the Sydney Identity Project/SC11 'Pirouette' released

SC11 enters final mixing

Sydney Identity Project commences


JULY 2018

Beyond 5D project continues

'Weather Permitting' Tour commences

SC10 is mastered

SC11 tracked

JUNE 2018

SC10 Enters Mixing. Yeah.

SC11 in tracking.

Also - 10 years Underground, a Decade of Stormcellar digital collection released. 35 tracks curated from the first 10 years and 9 albums. Leaves off half of our favourites. Yeah. Well. 

April - 'The Midwest Triptych' released, a 25 track collection of Everywhere Feels Like Home, Kansas City Gold and Defiance, as it was (sort of) intended to be.

Feb: 'Pirouette' first track from SC11 released as a single We really do this stuff in quite a peculiar order.

Also pretty sure I made some videos. Go look on our Youtube.

DEC 2017

'Kansas City Gold' given a pretty decent write up in Living Blues Magazine

Stormcellar appear at the 2017 Sydney Blues & Roots Festival

Multimedia 'Anti anxiety' project 'the 5D project ' released https://youtu.be/v7LKajNgnnk

OCT 2017 - 

'DEFIANCE' #1 on Australian Blues & Roots Chart, Stormcellar's 3rd #1 Album.

Nov 2017

5D Sonic Reference (sound track to 5D project) in production, will be Stormcellar's 10th album.

Beyond 5D (5D project part 2) in Pre Production for Q1 2018

11th album in production, working title SC11, 2018. First single 'Pirouette' released.

The '5D Project' released, a secret link to an atmospheric multimedia project involving live recordings in situ with the sounds of the environment.

OCT 2017 - 'DEFIANCE' #1 on Australian Blues & Roots Chart, Stormcellar's 3rd #1 Album.

Stormcellar Announced for Sydney Blues & Roots Festival,

'Defiance' Album of the week on Bluesbeat Radio

SEPT 2017 - 10th project, working title '5D' started in post production. 11th project started.

AUG 2017 - 5th US tour postponed after one of the lads had a health scare. Rescheduled for 2018 'cos he's All Right.

June 2017 - 'Defiance', 9th album released. Recorded 7 tracks for our 10th album, released a few more videos including Chalk Angels, made with a bloke in Virginia and now we're doing more stuff. 

MAY 2017 - A bunch of videos released, 9th album 'Defiance' due out pretty much any time. 5D project started. More airplay. Yeah we've been busy. 

MAR 2017 Recap - 9th album almost done, part 3 of the midwest triptych 'Defiance' due out mid year. New videos released. More radio airplay. 

DEC 2016 - Stormcellar's 9th Album enters mixing in Indiana.

DEC 2016 - DC Bellamy goes on National Public Radio in the US to talk about the Kansas City Gold project.

DEC 2016 Kansas City Gold getting airplay on approx 250 stations world wide, inc US, Australia, France, the UK and Canada.

NOV 2016 Stormcellar's 8th album KC Gold getting airplay on 250 radio stations world wide! 

OCT 2016 Gene Deer, 2016 Indiana Legend Award Winner announces East Coast Tour of OZ with Stormcellar. (UPDATE- Gene didn't get his passport in time for Jan, tour postponed)

OCT 2016 Stormcellar does Marrickville Street Fair

OCT 2016 Kansas City Gold Reaches gets syndicated Airplay in the US & Canada, with over 150 Stations now playing the album.

OCT 2016 Kansas City Gold Reaches #6 on Australian Blues & Roots Chart

OCT 2016 - Millage interview by Australian DJ's whilst Michael's interviewed by US DJ's!

SEPT 2016 'Introducing Stormcellar' double album of Everywhere Feels Like Home + Curious Assembly gain airplay on US AAA radio

SEPT 2016 Kansas City Gold 'Album of month' on 2RRR

SEPT 2016 - ninth album recorded in Indianapolis with producer Alan Johnson (Paul Rodgers/John Fogerty/Kid Rock/Larry Crane/Duke Tumatoe) and guests Gene Deer, Larry Crane, PJ and Rob Dixon.

AUG 2016 - 4th US Tour, including 2nd year in a row at Nickelplate Festival.

AUGUST 2016 Kansas City gold debuts on Australian Blues & Roots Charts at #23

JULY 2016 - 'Kansas City Gold' completed

FEB 2016 - 'I'm Better Off Without You' released as a single. 

Q4 2015 - Original soundtrack 'Everywhere feels like home' released. debuts at #15 on the Charts. Not bad for a soundtrack eh?

SEP 2015 Recorded 'KC Underground sessions' with Kansas City All Stars line up including Millage Gilbert and Ron Teamer.

SEP 2015 Recorded 'Better off without you' at Static Shack, Indianapolis

SEP 2015 Stormcellar at Nickeplate Fest, Fishers IN

AUG 2015 Stormcellar at Byron Crossroads Festival, Rockford IL, 2nd year in a row!

AUG 2015 Stormcellar US Tour 3 

MAY 2015 Stormcellar tour with Kansas City Legend, DC Bellamy on Australian East Coast Tour

APRIL 2015 Stormcellar announed for Longview Festival, October

Interview with Mr Wizard from Australian Guitar Magazine Mar 2015


FEB 2015 - Stormcellar announced for the 2015 Nickelplate Blues Festival in Indiana, I guess that means we're doing our 3rd US tour. Must get around to announcing that.

FEB 2015 - Stormcellar write Theme song for the Australian Wrestling Entertainment Championships!

JAN 2015 - Stormcellar record our first international co written song 'Sweet Mama', co-written with Ron Teamer, Kansas City KS. 

JAN 2015 - Stormcellar announced for 2015 Crossroads Blues Festival in Illinois, USA

DEC 2014 - Stormcellar release 'You Can't Push Me Away', an international US/AUS co produced single featuring DC Bellamy  

OCT 2014 - The Curious Assembly appears at #17 On the Collectif Des Radios Blues in France

2nd US Tour Aug-Sept 2014 - Stormcellar open Crossroads Festival in Rockford, Illinois,play shows and festivals in 5 states.

JULY 2014 - 'The Curious Assembly' , Stormcellar's 6th Album, debuts on Aust Blues/Roots Charts at #2

Stormcellar Are


Paul 'Mr Wizard' Read - Slide Guitar & Mandolin

Michael 'MJEB' Barry - Vocals & Harp

Theo 'The Boss' Wanders - Drums & Percussion

Emeritus Members
Michael 'Rosie' Rosenthal - Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Bill WIlliams - Electric & Acoustic Bass, Mandolin, Guitar

Stormcellar Collective Members

Michael Coggins - Electric & Acoustic Guitar 
Fox - Bass

2020 'Fool For You' Single released

2019 'Crossfire' single released, featuring Den Hanrahan and Christina Crofts

2019 Stormcellar Country Collection Vol 1 released - 34 track downloadable collection

2019 - Stormcellar Blues Collection Vol 1 released - 34 track downloadable collection

2019 Safe Harbour/Rogue State double release - 10 & 11th album in a single release

2019 - Safe Harbour released - 10th album

2018 - 'The Mid West Triptych' and '10 years underground' released as digital collections. Single 'Pirouette' released as ...as...a....Single.

2017- June - 'Defiance' , Part 3 of the Mid West Triptych is released. 

2016 - Kansas City Gold, part two of the 'Midwest Triptych' released to rave US reviews, charting at #6 in Australian and getting syndicated radio play in the US & Canada on over 150 stations.

Single - 'I'm better off without you' released feb 2016

2015 - Everywhere Feels Like Home original soundtrack, Q4 2015, part of the 'Midwest Triptych' Charts at #12 in Australia, 

Singles 'Sweet Mama' and 'Don't take it so hard on me' Released Q1 2015

Single - The Flood - Released Australia Day, Jan 2015

Single - You Can't Push me away, Stormcellar with Jo Fitzgerald & DC. Bellamy released Oct 2014 - go check it it's awesome.

The Curious Assembly - July 2014 -  Debuted at #2 on ABARC charts. Described as 'weird, but good' by Salty Dog. Charted in France.

Hired Guns & Borrowed Glory 2012 - #1 on Aust Blues Roots Chart, #18 on Collectif Des Radio Blues in France,  #3 best NTTB albums of the year Blues Underground Network

Carl's Chair 2010 - #7 on Aust Blues Roots Chart, Album of the week CoastFm, Wildman Steve Radio Alabama, listed in best NTTB albums of the year Blues Underground Network

Nuevo Retro 2010 - #1 on Aust Blues Roots Chart, #49 US National Blues Chart

Spacejunk EP - 2009 - #23 on Aust Blues Roots Chart

Whiskey Talking -2008 - #20 on Aust Blues Roots Chart, Debut Album

 Album Reviews:

The Curious Assembly reviewed by Bluesblast

No Depression reviews Hired Guns & Borrowed Glory