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Serves you Right


Got a twinkle in my eye

winklepickers on my feet

I'd trip the light fantastic

but I'd need a longer street

move to catch the signal

still talking to my shrink

they say 'what's happnin cap'n'

and I don't know what to think


I'm telling you brother

I have truly seen some sights

walking lonely laneways in the middle of the night

wear your heart out on your sleeve


it's gonna serve you right


For those who will believe it

they say that there's a plan

when you've finally lost in love

you become a man

Wait till your heart is broke

then you'll understand

pick up the tiny pieces

make an island in the sand


coming up with aces

when all you wants a Queen

Dont get no explanations

unexpected expectations

may lead to revelations


it's gonna serve you right


Sometimes dealt the jackass

sometimes play the mule

everbodys porter

but you aint nobodys fool

might need some fermentation

before you start to lose your cool

such useful lamentations

squeaky grease for rusty tools


I'm telling you brother

it's enough to turn you white

to act on circumstances

to explain those strange advances

will always serve you right

it's gonna serve you right


(2020) Barry/Read