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She Keeps You Moving On Lyrics

One night in Georgia
thats all it took
so wont somebody please, please please
send my baby home.

Broken down and busted
still looking for a gig
dreaming of those city lights
where I might make it big
Station master told me that there's
money to be made
son put down that there monkey wrench
and pick up this here case

You need somebody who will be your only friend
walking beside you on a road that never ends
She keeps you moving on

Dressed her in her finest just to see that pearly smile
she led me down the ighway but never
led me down the aisle
now she's gone and left me
for some other lovers hands
how he could steal my love away
i just dont understand

sometimes I cant believe there will be a brighter day
whenever I was lost for words
she knew just what to say
She keeps you moving on

(chorus reprise)

Still I think about her and the songs we used to play
and when I hear her laughing I know I'll
soon be on my way

She keeps you moving on.

She keep she keeps (repeat)
Keeps you moving on

(c) 2011 Barry/Read