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 Last drinks at Glenrowan


Tell me now my brother

what red glistens in the sun

Bright as rises morning

on the hills of Glenrowan

That no man claim my liberty

my brother he replied

who never raised a hand against

a man unless he tried

for those who’ll not yield to the crown

nor make to bend the knee

and that may choose to live or die

and yet still shall be free

Hand me now my pistols dark

Raise up my iron crown

Cage me now in righteousness

put not my burden down

And yoke such Bullocks to the plow

as make harvest of Men

'till weep the blinds from Justice’ eyes

yet shall I be avenged


If Man be but a breath in clay

His passage pain and strife

to yearn for freedom to his end

and know that such is life

(c) Barry/Read 2009