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Don't touch the merchandise (AKA Merchandise) - First release SC0901 - SC3-EP1 'Spacejunk'

Two versions - one with spoken word, one without. Commentary listed in italics. Words may vary depending on MJEB's mood.


So there's this guy walking down a cell block at a detention centre and he sees this girl behind the bars

She works the bars now with just the dimmest light
she's moving faster
falling at the speed of night
she dances real close and I try to ctahc her eye
she says dont touch the merchandise if you can't afford the time

That's some story. So what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?


Caught her at the border moving angels to L.A
locked her up in memphis
that's where she's gonna stay
she takes me by the hand
she doesnt want to do no time
she says I can make it goood for you
'and I guarantee its not a lie

Whatever do you mean? 

(guitar bit)

Like all good stories, this ones gotta have an ending, so how does it go?


Now the state trooper's sent all her angels home
Prison warden is calling for her to be alone
she takes me by the hand
she doesnt want to walk no line
I say 'dont touch the merchandise if you  cant afford the time'

Its the kind of thing, just makes you want to cry

(c) yadda yadda Barry/Read/Stormcellar etc so there.