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Don't take it so hard on me


Like Lightning in the distance

By the road side selling visions

un-complicate your system

in search of premonition


A secret known to warriors

whose company I keep

you can be both fragile

and be brave


ridden hard without complaint

unfairly burdened beast

who'll never turn to you as if to say


don't take it so hard on me.


Anyone can do it

don't you know that it's a fact

there aint nothing to it

well how about that


whatever gets you through it

thinking so dont make it bad

depends on how you view it

whatcha think about that?


In a world that seldom shows

a mercy to the strong

surprised to find what I need

to heal me


like any wounded creature

seeking shelter from the storm

a simple touch

is all I have to say


don't take it so hard on me.


(c) 2014 Barry/Read/Stormcellar