From myspace: 

Hey folks! We're organising a couple of clips and we're looking for volunteers for the first one (sometime in June). If you're out of your mind (Hi! Me too!) and feel like being in a clip, and fit the following criteria:

1. Are male or female 2. Of any age 3. Live in Sydney (so we can drive and film you) 4. Use a computer 5. are available in June 2008

We want you!

The clip will just involve filming you using your computer and doing some other sort of stuff (Politically Correct and Inoffensive, you know, like laughing, smiling, dancing...) at your house/loungeroom where ever.

There's no money changing hands but we might be able to swing you a copy of the cd, or our eternal thanks. Think of the everlasting YOUTUBE fame!!! -

 EMAIL US VIA THE CONTACT page or leave a comment!

All right! Crazy offers like this just CANT LAST!! Act now!!!

Now to make it worthwhile reading this site as well as myspace, here's some secret info I didnt post on myspace. Ha! We're working on 2 clips, one's for Whiskey Talkin, the other's R U Ready for this, which is the one we're casting for. If you're curious as to which songs they are, look at the CD or go to CD Baby to hear the samples.

We'll be filming them over June , we can do the R U Ready clip by turning up to your place and filming you using your computer. It shouldnt take more than an hour. The more people we have, the merrier.

EDIT: As per the request from a few readers, the email to send to if you want to be in it is:

band (at) stormcellar . com . au

of course you should replace the (at) with an '@' and remove those spaces, I'm just avoiding a few extra spam by listing it this way :-)