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Messin’ Me Around 


Verse 1


Why you comin’ home now in the middle of the night

What you doin’ out there in a dress so tight

You got whiskey on your lips and a mans cologne

So pack your leavin’ trunk girl cos you’re leavin’ home

You know why




You keep messin’ me round

You keep messin’ me round


Verse 2


Remember the times when you looked so sweet

You covered your tracks girl to the bottom of your feet

Now I’m a testament to a dumb-assed guy

Cos’ I watched you slide baby I watched you fry

 I watched you fry






Well I didn’t here from you girl for such a long it ain’t true

Now I heard from your preacher that they laid you in the ground

So I’ve done some hard liquor drinkin’

An’ you know what I found

That even from grave girl    

Yeah even from your grave

Even from grave girl

Yeah even from your grave