Texas Rosie -  

Moses came down from the mountain
A burning bush to fire his clay
found the people were a doubtin'
shook his head and walked away

Aint no use in pretending
everything you do's so hard
Dealer says the bets are ending
Nod and take another card

Bodhi had himself a vision
saw it on the late TV
sent his cheque into the mission
'cos even sufferin' isn't free

aint no use in complaining
when all the people seem so mad
they cry for water 'til its raining
but now it's raining oh so bad

Jesus rode out on the Prairie
tried to love his fellow man
Sherriff formed him up a Posse
Put a rifle in his hand

There's no riding to the sunset
something every cowboy knows
Only wind stirs in the heavens
and there's no place left to go

(c) 2011 Barry/Rosenthal