I've been down Before - (Creeping Blues)


Verse 1
You came creepin’ in under my skin
And I knew I was in trouble
But I wouldn’t trade that for nothin’
All my friends said to stay away from you
But I wouldn’t listen
Now you got a vine around my neck
I shoulda seen that comin’
Creepin’ slowly but surely then reelin’ me in 
I've been down before
But baby, I didn’t know what the blues were
'til the day I met you 
Verse 2
Feel a chill wind blowing
Must be the winter of my discontent
Every night I’m alone now
I surely know what I’m missin’
But it made me realize
How you got a chain around my neck
I shoulda what was comin’
You let me run free now your reelin’ me in,
* Note - this song was originally called Creeping Blues but made it to the Album as Down Before thanks to Pete (thanks Pete, you were right)
** Also Note, due to my vocal screw up at the end of the initial recording session (2nd verse) or some other reason known only to our producer (Jim Finn can explain), we used the same line as the first verse to end the second verse. Again. OMG thats confusing. Ok. Let me explain. Once upon a time, there was a.....