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Mississippi Meltdown


Verse 1

How come I am up here under lights so bright

I guess I got a little story to tell y’all tonight

About a sleepy town called Muscadene

On the Mississippi delta that the river runs mean

We got out the whiskey and the midnight oil

Just gonna play some cards and have a drink with the boys

Yeah forget all our troubles and our daily toil

And don’t bring that gun Jimmy we don’t wanna make no noise



A Mississippi meltdown is not what we need

Cos everybody’s got a gun and everybody bleeds

In a Mississippi meltdown



But Jimmy brought his gun down the side of his boot

Never thinkin’ or dreamin’ he was gonna shoot

But there was 5 aces high hidden in the middle of the deck

Then there was two dead jokers lyin’ there with a hole in their neck

Chief of Police said there was gonna be a price to pay

Those two cold jokers good friends of the mayor they say

Now the whole town is talkin’ and raisin’ up storm

We’re gonna have the KKK puttin’ crosses on your lawn




Verse 3

So if your playin’ cards down in Muscadene tonite

Don’t you take you no gun or take you no knife

And if the cards look crooked don’t holler for your neighbour

Cos no ones gonna help you no ones gonna save you