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 First Released on TripleJ Unearthed Website Feb 2009. First CD release SC0901 'Spacejunk' EP

Note: This is a weird, rambling shambling jam of a song with 1 verse and random returns to the refrain. It is never the same twice.


Sweet sweet misery
so you finally found my name
wrote it in a letter baby
burned it in a flame
all my friends tried to warn me
said you werent no good
thought I knew what I was in for darling
hurts a little more than it should


More than it should
Little more than it should now
hurst a little more than it should
just a little more than it should now.


Sweet sweet misery
sweet sweet misery (repeat until drummer scowls)

(c) 2009 Barry/Read/Stormcellar and may ye be plagued by toothless camels if ye rip us off. ARR!!!