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All the times you looked back for what you thought were better days

(redletter days)

and now you wonder if they never were

it's hard won, this run,

soon as you're started it seems like you're done, mhm

(not the only one)

How does it feel to know you're not the only person

to whom the rules do not apply?

You know I'd like to be quite as certain,

you can tell me where

but you cannot tell me why.

Drilling holes in the lifeboat

to let the Jesus Water in.

Seems like the windmills have turned

to chase you right back.

Rosy nostaliga will do you no good

two and two won't equal four and maybe never could, mhm

(not just anyone)

And the sky is as blue as it's ever been

and the sea is as deep as a mystery

and the things that have been will all come again

and you give to the world to remember them

And the trees are as green as they've ever been

and the things that are sweet are still very sweet

and there's more to the meaning than what you give

and the air is the only thing in between

(c) 2023 Barry/Read/Stormcellar