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Well I'm sixteen weeks to Memphis

then I'm going back to Jackson

make my way to Clarksdale

on to Tupelo and Canton

Been so long since I been gone

and with God as my witness

I been working on my mojo

back to take care of my business

while all the world's a burnin'

going back where I come from

so I am going back to jackson

and it's time you came along


Get on home X 4

When I was a young boy
and I learned my shapes and letters
teacher made to tell me
not to talk back to my betters

but I grew up straight

and i grew up right

talked when I could

talked when I might

i'm strong enough to win this fight

this freedom walk

my civil rights

I'm on the road to glory

and I'm holding out my hand

I want to call you brother

take you to that promised land

get on home

It's been so hard
for so long
dont know when the storm will end
I know my way to freedom
not too proud to start again
so I'm going back to Jackson
to the well from whence I sprung
and we'll start this journey over
in the way that I begun
there aint no power stronger
than to know your right from wrong
So I'm going back to Jackson and it's time you came along.

get on Home X 4


(c) 2019 Barry/Read/Stormcellar