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On and on forever

first and last thought of the day

a good day's one without you

on my mind


water drawn up slowly

from the bottom of the well

each sip one step closer to

another ride on

memory's carousel


Here it comes; there it goes


everything you thought or felt

the endless talk about yourself

the lonely hours of emptiness

chewed coffee ground like bitterness


three hands worth of trouble

only two hands spare

and baggage

in the hall


Lost in the horizon

one in a million



on unseen tides

we're adrift

in our own minds.


Consequences of survival

to walk as if by lightning touched,

bravely back towards the fire

in that moment, who you really are


Lost in the horizon

one in a million


On and on forever like

the endless trips to liverpool

cigarettes and liniment

glassy eyes of wonderment

within you 


witness eternal

hope beneath the bushel urging

one more step take one more step

beyond sky and horizon merging


until you're 

lost in the horizon

one in a million


(c) Barry/Williams/Stormcellar 2018