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 Isnt how I wanted it




So good to see you

Has it really been so long

I just love what you’ve done

with the place


hadn’t you noticed

that we’ve been away

such lovely flowers

and I cannot remember

why we came


this isn’t how I wanted it


Take a look round the garden

The lawns been done

Pruned the camellias

They were getting in the way

How about the weather

Something to talk about

You seem so familiar

But I can’t understand a

word you say


This isn’t how I wanted it


When you see me

Look right through me

The well of secrets

Don’t dip so deeply

 I can feel it


We must be going

is that the time

So much to tell you

We must do this again

We’ll come for a visit

One of these days

But who are these people

And where are all

The ones they have replaced?


This isn’t how I wanted it


(c) Barry/Read 2015