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The Flood

She’s empty in the dry

Shying from the sky

Deep beneath her sands

does she

keep hidden

The lone & single spark

The secrets of her heart

A piece of her to herself

She’s forbidden

But  comes the time her seasons change

The heavens open cross

 her plains

And rivers

She breaks her drought with flooding rains

And riders, to a man

 lift up their gaze.

So lay me down

In the press of the waters

No I won’t drown

Float like a reed in her creek

She’s not far now

Though I fail at the borders of her

If I wait until her rivers’ rise

the flood shall carry me.


Through all does she endure

 heat and dust so cruel

green and

 pleasant lands

so long


The sharpness of her gaze

her azure skies inveigh

fearless binding  will

that can not


But you who do not know her well

tremble ‘neath her tempest

and her fury

yet to her summons will I fly

when the shadows grow

longer than my days


(c) 2015 Barry/Rosenthal