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From  the upcoming KC Undeground sessions. 

Remember folks, I post this stuff so I can look it up when I ferget them little word things.



Hey Child


Mama was a blackbird

didnt know better than to do wrong

repaired herself across

every man she came upon

when you're born to a Siren

you know the music's in the call

can't hear none from a woman

but that theyre gonna make you crawl

hey child

help me child

help me run

help me fly

hey child


Blues aint nobodies business

nobody look me in the eye

they all clear my path

like a black cat they can't cross by

lying all to tell you

things are better on the other side

bad news dont travel so fast

and it's a shame worldwide

hey child

help me child

help me run

help me hide

hey child



at the appointed hour

at the appointed time

i will come into my power

and I will make you mine

look for me among the tombstones

cast no shadow in the light

all the seals have been broken

and the devil's on the rise

hey child

help me child

help me live

help me die

hey child


(c) 2015 Barry/Stormcellar