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Like a stone (All That's right is beautiful) crikey I hope this is registered correctly somewhere. 


My heart is like a stone

washed up on the sand

Waiting for discovery,

waiting for your hand to uncover me

Waiting for it all to be

Shore to shore and sea to sea


My love is like the bay

that gives you shelter from the tides

When all around you’s violence,

oppression and intolerance

Worlds of words that make no sense

I will come to your defence


Oh but take a care where you’re walking

Or you might find your feet don’t touch the ground

And all that’s right is beautiful


My soul stands alone,

like a beacon on a hill

Shining over endless seas,

Shining for eternity

Waiting in the dark to see

Another light reflecting me


My arms are like the bronze,

pouring from the sun

Strong against the bitter winds,

Long to keep you safe within

Letting none but sunshine in


And when you wake to the morning

I am all around you as you walk

And all that’s right is beautiful



(c) Barry/Rosenthal/Stormcellar 2015