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Roscoes Boogie
Well I'm sittin' in my living room
playing shooter games
whille Roscoe's out there gearing up
and jumpin' out of planes

Take him to my local pub
and buy us both a beer
but Roscoes already hookin up
and getting out of here

he tells me as he's leaving
walkin' out a blonde
you best be believing
blink your eyes and I'll be gone


I'll write him a couple of lines
say I'm going to the store
he writes back a couple less
and says he's off to war

and as I'm driving in my car
gone to play some Blues
Roscoe's callin' in air strikes
and dodging b52's

And if they were to tell him
he's a politicans pawn
he'd just laugh and answer
blink your eyes and I'll be....

CADENCE (Version1 - there are many. Create your own!)

We like to work for Uncle Sam
We Need a Better Dental Plan
Its mighty Cold in Afghanistan
We hear its warmer in Iran

V3 (double verse)
I can't say just rightly why
He does the things he does
maybe he just likes the sound
of things a-blowin' up
No flipping burgers on a grill
or stocking Wal Mart stores
Roscoe says that being killed
aint as bad as being bored

I ask him if he's happy
jumpin' off at dawn
but there's no one to answer
blink your eyes and i'll be...

END COMMENT (whatever your sergeant says!) To all our service people, wherever they may be.