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Queen Above The Oceans


Hail to you my King above the mountains

High and proud

this pale tribute, at your feet

I lay before you now

Standing with the legions of Megido

I have been

A witness to damnation of

a wild colonial boy


Hail to you my queen above the oceans

Forever cold

your silvery shroud of wisdom

only now do I behold

Midnight’s softer word of prayer

Spoke ‘gainst an early wind

 safe crossing and remembrance of

a wild colonial boy


Hail to you Beloved, cross dark waters

Have I strayed

Forever lost in distance still

the song of you shall fade

No more the mortal embrace

of your arms about me now

until the last redemption of

a wild colonial boy


(c) 2014 Micahel JE Barry / Paul A Read