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Give me something I need

(edited Dec 2014 cos I noticed v3 was wrong)





You keep waiting for you out in the car

It seems like hours till we get to the bar

don’t need no make up cos you look so fine

Seems like forever ‘til I get what’s mine

I aint no stalker or a love sick pup

You talking dirty but you won’t give it up

If you can’t give me something I want

Just give me something I need.




Cause a commotion when you walk through the door

All eyes are on you as you step to the floor

Move to the rhythm cos you’re feeling so free

But they don’t know you’re dancing only for me

They still hope to take you home for the night

 you leave with me it might just start a riot

So if you can’t give me something I want

Then give me something I need




The bar is closing

And the patrons have gone

But you’re still dancing

Like you want to kick on

You’re looking at me like

you don’t know the time

you’ll make me chase you

til the end of my life

you say i got that loving look in my eyes

I get you home you’re

gonna get a surprise.


(c) 2013 Michael JE Barry/Paul A Read