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Sat 14th Gig Report

Cat & Fiddle Giggo Reporto!

Hola! Welcome to Zee Cat & Feedle Geeg Reporto.

Heh. I am feeling very hispanic. I spent some time last night swapping Female Relative names with the security guy at the Cat & Fiddle. And what a fun night. I think there were a few choices for gigs last night, so the Sydney blues crowd was kind of scattered about the place, but there was a good crowd for Los Skeletones and the Blues Bombers. Great sets all round. Los Skeletones even have EMBROIDERED shirts!!!! How epic! We are starting to play with some rad bands (oh a shout out to the Steampunk themed dude from last night. That outfit was out of sight.)

Paul and MRose made gushy noises over the guitar playing in the Blues Bombers set, esp the hammond doing guitar styles. that messed with Pauls head. He kept looking for the other guitarist! Surprise! Its the hammond!

We played the first set, drove the poor soundo nuts. The sound rig had a mind of its own so mid way during our set it just plain gave up on doing Foldback (for you non musos, those are the speakers that play the sound back to you so you can hear your mistakes). The red light on stage drove all contrast and dimensionality from the fretboard so Paul kept dissapearing behind me. At first I thought it was because he likes my new jeans, then I realised it was because he couldnt see Diddly. Not Bo, not anything. He wasn't dancing, he was looking for a light source! I think we're going to install running lights on his guitar so he can see the frets. It will make him happy.

I was keeping time from stage using Mroses mobile and referencing the Bar clock, so when it rolled around to 10 past the hour, I went, ok, last one, thanks and good night! Our hardworking soundo then ran over to tell us that we still had another 15 minutes. Apparently time moves at a different relatisvistic speed when I look at a clock. Check that for future reference. Anyway, the audience didnt urge us to leave and even seemd a little happy that we were going to play at least one more song. That's nice.

That was our first time at the cat and fiddle and we're looking forward to the next visit there on the 9th of July. If you live in the Balmain area, come on down.

Meanwhile, its time for me to stop typing and pack the horsebuggy for a Day Near The Races at the Harold Park Hotel this afternoon! See you there!

Sunday Gig Report 

Weddings, Camels, Anything! Low-Fi at the Harold Park Hotel Report!

Hey Folks. We had a big weekend of playing, starting with the Cat & Fiddle and finishing with a Day Near The Races at the Harold Park Hotel.

We had a bunch of friends drop into the HPH for a Sunday session - Cheers to KK, Gary, Simon, Pete and everyone who dropped in to say hi!

And in the tradition of Stormcellar gigs, this one was fraught with Peril, Thunderstorms and the occasional visit from the Authorities!

Ok, settle back dear reader and Hark Ye Well to my Tale of Blues...Arr...

We booked into the HPH about four weeks ago. Four days ago, a wedding party booked the upstairs room for their reception. Oops.

The dark clouds were gathering as we rolled into the street and unloaded. The floor manager, doing his best to accomodate competing requirements, asked whether we thought the music would be audible upstairs. Looking at the Drum Kit, we had to say 'Yes'.

When we paused after the first set, we were asked to give the wedding party some time to get the speeches over, which we willingly acceded to. We get it; its an important day for the Bridal Party and guests.

Our competing problem was that we had a crowd of people, some of whom had driven an hour to come hear us play. After forty minutes, we started up again. Despite DDJ (helping us on production, Thanks D!) turning our setting down to the minimum, we were not able to play Inaudibly.

Boogies, Shuffles and Blues grooves may not have been the first choice of music for the Formally attired guests upstairs, no matter how much they boogied on the way up and down the stairs; I think the Bride wants us Dead (we understand!).

As each song progressed, I was able to watch the negotiations between the Bridal Party, Floor Manager and DDJ, who began pointing at the Desk to demonstrate that there was little else he could reduce in volume, unless we went acoustic.

This was kind of distracting, but again, understandable. The nett result was that we dropped one set, dropped a couple of songs from the set we were doing and made our exit as gracefully as we could manage. To the bride and groom we send our warmest congratulations on your nuptials and we are available to play at your next event.

For our dear friends who came to see us, thank you, our next show at the HPH is being brought forward a few hours and we expect to fit the whole three sets in this time!