Strange things are afoot my friends, strange Daylight things.
We've been playing night gigs (species Musicalis Nocturnis) for the past six months and now...gulp....we are playing in...GASP!! Daylight.
What will the boys do when they can see the strings? Hmmm?
We'll be playing almost a month's worth of Sunday gis, in the afternoon and early evening. Its a weekend, its daylight, its family friendly! It's us at the following venues! (copied from Myspace for the sake of them firewalled peoples!)


08 Jun 2008, 01:00 PM - 3 or 4 (until we get tired) - Time & Tide Hotel, 30 Campbell ave Dee Why 

Cost:FREE!!! (we think)
Description:Woohoo! After a string of late night spots, we’re moving to DAYLIGHT hours! (no! The Light! It BURNS!!) Oh yeah, Stormcellar in the daylight! Scary but true! Normally we only play by the light of our burning vehicles but now we’ll be there with hats and sunscreen at the Time and Tide! Come join us and watch us squint in surprise at the big yellow thing in the sky. What is it?? 

15 Jun 2008, 05:00 PM - Harold Park Hotel - 70A, Ross St GLEBE, New South Wales

Description:Have you been the the HPH recently? It is sooo swish, I dont know how we even got in the door. Not only are they doing great comedy nights (hey, we’re pretty funny), they’re also doing Music! Most important of all, its US! Yes! Again, daylight? What’s going on? At least we’ll be inside, away from the Big Yellow Thing What Lives In teh Sky! Come on down for some early evening vibes with Stormcellar! There’s food! Music! Woot! 

29 Jun 2008, 05:00 PM - Harold Park Hotel - 70A, Ross St Glebe 

GLEBE, New South Wales
Description:A horse is a horse as a matter of course, but I think they race greyhounds at Harold Park (citation needed). Either way, we’re in the pub opposite playing! Oh yes! Win lose or draw, come down and shake your blues away with us at the NEW IMPROVED Harold Park Hotel (now with 100% more stormcellar) 

19 Jul 2008, 08:00 PM - The Rose of Australia Hotel - 1 Swanson St, Erskineville 

sydney, New South Wales 2000
Description:Ok, so there’s more than one Rose Hotel. We’re at the Rose of Australia in Erskineville. Oops. My bad. Not the ’Rose’ in Cheippendale as previously listed. Ok, got that? The Rose, not the Rose!