Talofa to Fatu, Hey to Prune and We Heard You, Snowy...hiding behind the pillar calling out 'Gary' when the crowd yelled 'more'.

Sneaky man that Snowy.

Big cheers to Lynne, Jackie and Jeff!

Good solid night last night. I am still surprised how well the acoustic stuff is settling in.

Oh, we had one interesting moment with a chap who was 'tired and emotional' as we say, during the first set. He proceeded to get even more tired and emotional as the night wore on. As a matter of fact by the end of the first set, he was as tired and emotional as a Newt.
For a band that has had cars torched, the occasional Gangland threat, dry humping, some degree of biting, public nudity (the audience, not us, for true!) and dealt with patrons at various stages of Happiness, Unhappiness and intoxication, we have learned a few things...such as...threatening the Security Dude when asked to leave, is not a good idea.

Good thing the Professional in question merely showed the chap the way out. Unnamed sources on the night suggested a good smack up side the head was warranted, but not applied. My, how the Sydney pub scene has changed over the years.

We had Scotty in on Bass last night and he got his First Ever Bass Solo. Woohoo. He has started on his ninja path!

We have one more gig at the PI next Saturday and then a huge lineup on Sunday when we play the Harp in tempe with Christina Crofts, the Alter Ego Blues Band and Los Skeletone Blues. 4 acts 10 bucks, yadda yadda.

Oh we also submitted Nuevo Retro for pressing (ETA 26th march ..but does it ever go right?? well..actually, yes) and I am having all sorts of Geek Issues with the video clip (technical nasties. ARGH).

Much to be done!