Just a short one, its late.

Cheers to everyone who came out tonight to see us, but I have to make one special mention for a man who's got all our albums (all two of them so far) and has been to all the gigs we've done at Avalon. Or at least most of them. ok, enough qualifiers.


Dear Kim. Please forgive Glen for staying out to watch us tonight. I promised him I would post an apology for delaying him from getting home.  I am also sorry if he's driving you nuts playing the first album. We'll have another one out soon and then he'll drive you nuts with that one too.

Um...Anyway...he didnt get too blind, was very well behaved and only stayed cos we had new material. But he was sure to let me know how much Dutch he'll be in tomorrow, so on behalf of the band, we ask you to forgive him.

There ya go Glen. I did my best mate, now the rest is up to you. I suggest flowers.