As Official Backup Band we're always on hand in case of Musical Emergency! If Aardvarks run off with your trousers before the gig, call Stormcellar! We carry extra pants! Read on for emergency procedures from the Saturday gig!

The Big Room at Padstow!

Howdy folks. Another hard core night supporting the legendary Radiators. 

For culture vultures, the Padstow RSL now has a bistro serving Live Lobster. When the very nice girl from the bar asked if there was a rider for the bands we were tempted to ask for one, just so we could let it scuttle for freedom across the stage! Be Free Lobster Brethren! 

That was until Rosie pointed out that they're not amphibious, so it would have been a tragic waste. (we didnt have any Bechamel sauce either) so we gave it a miss.


NOW we're stylin'. Who needs Lobsters? 

After so many gigs doing 3 and four hours brackets, having an hour to play

Thanks to Carl, our Golden Roadie, I have never seen such fast guitar changes. Like a Ninja. A ninja of handing-guitars-to-people.

Ah, but I get ahead of myself. As usual, I got pics during setup and then once it was action time, nada. Nothing. Oh well.

Ok now I know it looks like I'm at the back of the stage for this shot, but actually they're all facing the wrong way.

Except for Rosie. Don't worry, by the time we played the gig we had pointed everyone in the correct direction.

I know i've taken a pic of Bobby's sound desk before, but the gag never loses its charm.

And in completely random shots...

Ever walked past a donation point and actually wished you had change?

Ok, Random Elements aside, that was a fast, strong gig last night. We started with Hollow Tree and then did everything else in unbelievably quick succession. Cheers Carl.

Our Bass Deputy, Slinky Pete was on deck last night. Slinky has begun a novel way of describing his relationship with the Bass. Slinky now prefers to be known as a Method Actor, rather than a Bass Player, as Stanislavsky  is a core component of understanding the universe. Slinky, I think you just blew my mind dude. :-)

Playing before the rads is slightly dangerous, as you know by the time they come out the crowd will be going berserk, and it makes you wonder whether that softer love ballad you have just written will really suit a crowd wanting something a know....err...well.....Hard Core. So stuff that, lets play the faster elements from our usual 3 hour odyssey - or Roscoes Boogie, maybe nine or ten times. 

Big room, big sound, big night. Cheers to Liam, Bobby, Paul and the Mighty Rads crew and to our mates who picked up a couple of copies of spacejunk last night.

We're back to Long sets over the next few weekends and we're plenty busy getting the final artwork and QA on Nuevo Retro.