Setting up in Asquith. Two Drum Kits, No Waiting! (will I ever get tired of that gag?.... Nope.)

How-do folks? Only 1 gig last weekend. Scary. And we get a break for the next two weeks! Hurrah! Ok, except for the recording of vocals for SC2 (again) and yet more mixing. But, as I have been known to say, the Blog Never Sleeps.

So. To Saturday night and the wooden stage of the Asquith Leagues with the Mighty Rads. The band votes Asqutih A1 for load in (AN ELEVATOR!!)...and...for the likes of us....OMG....a 'Dressing Room' (no more standing in the carpark under a cardboard box!).

As previously noted, I am impressed by the little things.

SUPER DELUXE TYCOON WASH anyone? (ok. no more Simpsons References for the rest of this article)

Asquith were a wonderfully welcoming crowd. The wooden stage amplified the bass and drums to the point of wobbling your internal organs. No wonder we enjoyed the set. Cheers to Nikki (no I dont work at the bank) and Hector, the birthday girls and the 17 year marriage veteran and friends! I hate pictures of myself, which is why you hardly see them here (and I am holding the damn camera) and you guys got more photos out of me than my family have in years :-)

Meanwhile, behind door number 1:

Mrose between rock and a hard bass? (please forgive the humour, I am undeniably chipper).

The Rads put on a powerful show (could hear them through the concrete of the carpark) and we were once again priveleged to borrow their audience for a set.

As previously noted, we have a little down time until our next gig (26th at the Lansdowne from memory...but look it up on the gig guide, I do) but there will be further work on SC2 as we strive to complete the flipping thing!