Howdy Folks. Busy weekend.. we started friday night with the Radiators at Jannali, where space was at a premium.

Bobby looks at the available space and divides it by required drumkits.

Having exceeded the quantum state of probabilities for setting up on stage, we opted for The Floor.

Heh. That doesnt bother us, what with being  a blues and roots band and all. Stage? Bloody Luxury!!

We were ok, but we got told the rads had a sell out show so we needed some protection.

Exhibit A: Paul mans the Trench Of Speakers. Now all we need is some chicken wire.

We occupied a strip of land between the stage and the amps, with amps pointed about...err...midriff height. Thank god they werent Bass bins. As promised, it was a sell out show. A shout out to our Newcastle visitors who we caught up with at the Wickham park last time. A fine night was had by us.

The next evening found us down south for the second night, at Engadine. Cheer to Olivia for her standout rendition of sweet home chicago during a quick guest spot and hey to Lyssa. Hope the ring tone works out. Also we need to send a big note of thanks out to the dancing couple who jitterbugged for the entire night. 

Sunday found us out at the Royal Exchange in Windsor where riders of both Mechanical and Non Mechanical horses were taking some refreshment. A shout out to Adam for not getting thrown out of the pub this time, and our sympathies are extended to the other poor chap who was having too good a time and had to be sent home for a nap.

We also had an applicant for the deputy drummer position. Braiden also tried out for harp, guitar and anything else he could get his hands on. We wish his parents the best of luck with this future muso and we're willing to assist with earplugs during the early stages.

We had a grand time at the Royal Exchange, with much dancing and a single 10 minute boogie (I was aiming for 15 but 10 is a good start). We'll be back in Windsor soon!