A shout out to Danya and the guys at Penrith after our Friday show with The Radiators.  We had a great night supporting the rads and were treated to a generous display of Soundo Love from the All Powerful Bobby (we're not worthy).

After a brisk set, I was fortunate to catch up with my mate Sambo and his good friend Garfield, producer of cult bizarre late night TV.

I got to cap my night off with some obscure black and white horror treats dug up from the graveyard of the Public Domain by channel 31's Shlocky Horror Picture Show. Garfield has been blowing my mind for many years by showing me the obscure, insane and utterly brilliant gems (or disasters) that he tracks down. He's got a website up now and I highly reccomend it to anyone who's into Random Interesting Things. I'll post a link (as soon as I find it). 

So a good night of playing, weird TV and a drive home before our next Spacejunk session the day after!

We're playing every week in May, so check the gig guide because we're all over the place - Mangrove Memorial next week, Kattomba the week after...then it gets a little hazy...have to go look it up myself!