Tip #22 - Take him to the Drum Jam at Brackets and Jam North, up at Lake Munmorah! Read on for the gig report!

Thanks to Andrea, the Lady of Lake Munmorah, we were back at the Brackets-N-Jam this evening.

There's something about a community gig that gives it a unique vibe. The Brackets community put on a great night, kids, food, and a fantastic line up of acts from all over the place.

Despite arriving late in the piece, I was able to catch some of the awesome Racznwaters, get a vegetarian feast and hang out for the drum jam. The Brackets & Jam also have markets during the afternoon and it kicks off at about 3, with music starting by four. 

Now, my little phone cam was having a bad night. Or perhaps more accurately, I ain't pushing the buttons right, so I got a few clips, but they kind of suck for lighting. It looks a little Space Invader Pixel-ish - nonetheless, as these snippets are about giving you a flavour for the night,  ignore the poor camera work and get a groove on the rhythms.

Ok, now youve been warned about bad cam work. Here's 90 seconds of the drum jam. You may be able to make out whats going on if you squint. Or close your eyes.


Its occurred to me that I can take advantage of being in the band for the purposes of shooting little bits of video. I mean, you get a good view from on stage LOL.

Yamanote line from on stage!

We send a big Hi out to Brett, Andrea and Alan (Hey Lucy, cheers for buying the album, congrats on having nautral vibrato). Also a big Hey to Blake, who may be the youngest ever purchasor of a copy of Whiskey Talkin. Not every kid is into the wiggles!!!!

Sometimes playing in pubs and clubs, we compete with the needs of socialising, beer and pokies.  Playing at the brackets means playing to people who have come there to listen to the music, more importantly, to dance and participate. What a great way to spend a night.

Until next time!