Blogging about only the one gig feels weeeeird....Penrith Gig Report!

So much space. So much time. Dont have to play until next week. Woohoo. After last weeks three gig spree + Roscoe + Flu....its nice to slow down a bit.

Ah. yes. So the gig. Stormcellar Weather. Sleeting rain. Winds.

This week, I tried to kill myself with a weight bench, so having just recovered from Bird Flu, I was nursing a wounded shoulder. Paul was freaking in case I couldn't raise my arm up enough to play harp. But thanks to rest and cryo therapy (more commonly known as an icepack) I was ready for a trip to Penrith with the Mighty Radiators.

The boys enjoy these gigs. Full PA. Actual stage, lights, the sight of the Radiators Rider going past us. LOL. Once agin, the masterful Bobby was on sound and we had an hour, a big room, a big crowd and a big stage.

Having played at the illinois in a small corner, the merton in a smaller corner and other various small places, playing on a big stage is a little scary. Everyone seems so far away. Paul and I were close enough at the illinois for him to brain me with the guitar when I made a misstep last Sunday.

Tonight, we had enough space for Buffalo to roam, or at least it felt that way.

Professional Foldback is a strange thing - it means you're not necesarily hearing what the audience is hearing. Thats unusual for us, as with most pub gigs, you're close enough to the PA to get the sound the audience get. Bobby had some nifty effects happening in the audience section that meant I was hearing ghost vocals echoing back from the hall...very spooky.

In any case, the audience seemed to dig it, they even went as far as buying CD's.(Hey Barry, good to see you at another Rads gig! Yes the stuff youre hearing is from the new tracks for the second album).

Big Bird was well received tonight, as was Drink you off my mind. In fact, everything ran reasonably smoothly, it just felt like a damn big stage.

Its been nigh on a year of doing Rads supports, to quote an anonymous backstage source (hi P!) 'thats 'cos you arent completely shit'. We've been grateful to borrow the Rads audience for a set, but whereas they clap for us, sometimes dance for us, they go positively Ape for the Rads. Its a sight to see.

Our next gig is the Friends of Croker Park gig next Sunday, and it almost made me think we were having a quiet time, until i remembered we're continuing the recording of the next album over the next few actually, we'll be flat out again.

Until then.