Weekend Gig Report!

Ok, so these days, the gigs not over until you've blogged about it. If a tree falls in the forest and no one's there to blog...you see my point. 

Thus, to the gigs!

The Triple Treat at the Empire was another solid night - albeit a long one. Brett Hunt basically impressed the heck out of everybody with a rootsy, how-can-one-man-make-so-much-sound performance and that was followed by the thunderous Steve Flack Trio. My highlight moment was Michael Smith going off during Sunshine of your love, Colin was driving the rhythm and Flackie going rampant on the guitar - they put in a huge set of blues rock.

We had a great turn out on the night, thanks to all who came, especially our favourite muso crowd - Hugo, John, Grahame! And of course, the illustriously illustrated Steve King, (what, no kiss this time?).

We started or set at 11:30 after the massive surge of energy put out by the Steve Flack trio. I still maintain that 11:30 is a late hour for watching bands, but I am willing to readjust my opinions, or drink more Guarana drinks... I'm more of a watch-my-music at 9pm, so I was awake for Bretts set, Steve Flacks Set but would have ditched out on my own band and gone home for a nap, if not for the fact that I was required for some sort of thing. Singing or something. i dunno.

The boys put on some nice work, in particular Mal and Mark put some moves in. I havent taken enough time to praise the rhythm section, but there's something that needs saying. Our rhythm section is as solid as the cretaceous period. Mal was doing some fancy footwork on Change Your Mind and Mark keeps adding layers of depth to the rhythm. Each time he plays it, he refines it, looking for more within the song.

The night finished late, but with plenty of vibe and we ended the evening in the company of friends, family and the Irish.

Oh, and I can now Officially State that Stormcellar (thats us) are responsible for Hooking People Up! Thats right. Ms V. made the acquaintance of a nice fellow who'd come to hear us play at the Harold Park and now...well...lets just say thay blame US (ok, me) for them hooking up. Woohoo! We've brought love to the world...ok, maybe just to Ms V and Her Beau but still...they met at our gig and came to another as a couple. Awww shucks. God I hope it works, otherwise we're going to lose two audience members. LOL...we send our  love to Ms V and her man. Also to the Brothers Read (hey Glenn! EDIT: oops), Paul was joined by his bro...family resemblance? You betcha! and Dave Drums! Oh yes. I see an act here.

Right. So thats only 1 gig!

Next we had the Time and Tide, on a glorious day. As per Stormcellar usual, we brought the bad weather later in the afternoon, and the T&T brought the love. As per last time, the T&T crowd dont want the sun to go down, so we had to do a few of the off the Page numbers before they'd let us go. Once again, Roger was in the audience and requested The Thrill is gone. Despite some internal reluctance on the part of some people (who shall remain nameless...PAUL) we did it because Roger asked and I'm glad we did. Thanks to an unrehearsed, skin of our teeth song (for the second time at the T&T) we delivered a sound that sent chills up and down Elsa's spine (in a good way! in a good way!).

Mrose finally found the Eyebrows he needed (a metaphor for Guitar Licks, care of Frank Zappa) for Roscoes Boogie, and all in all, had a good turn. Hugo pointed out the other night at the Empire gig that he's something special, and Hugo's right.

This weekend kicked off a big month of work for us - by mid next week, we'll be on tour in melbourne for our first ever tour, and then coming back up for the Sandringham and then the Brackets & Jam in Newcastle by the following weekend.

To everyone who came and spent some time with us this weekend, thank you. And if you're thinking of coming to one of our gigs, be warned: we have Empirical Evidence that our music may Lead You To Lurrrrve!

Until next Time