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Blacktown to Glebe! Weekend in the cellar (gig reports!)

Howdy folks. A big weekend of gigs for us, with a trip to Blacktown with the Radiators and then a cruisy World Youth Day Sunday at the Harold Park Hotel.

Saturday night was a hoot out in Blacktown, as per usual, the rads drew a good crowd, which we were happy to be a part of. Despite the crowd being very nice to us, I dont think we hit our stride properly - there weren't any clangers, we just didnt fire as strongly as we would have liked.  (sigh). I'm allowed to diss my own work - the boys were fine (LOL). Again, its not an omg we sux0red moment, just a, 'hmm...we played that right, where was the bite?'

Aha! It was at the Harold Park Hotel!

Is it because we're used to doing 3 sets now and it takes us a set to get warmed up? Do we need to attach electrodes to our nether regions to jump start us for shorter sets?

Or was it that we opened with some trad blues on Sunday to lock us into the groove?

Whatever I thought was lacking at the Blacktown Gig, was there in spades on Sunday. Go figure.

So the Sunday gig...

Sydney had been cordoned off into two sections - 1: where the catholics were and 2: the Rapture - the strangely empty laneways known as The Rest of Sydney.  Sydneysiders had been warned of great rampaging tribes of Christians roaming the streets and had wisely decided to stay the hell off the roads.

The City West Link was eerily free of cars - The Rapture! They've all been taken to Heaven!!!'re staying at home..

Sydney-ites have adopted a terrific policy of Abandoning their city in the event of Major Event. We can clear out faster than Tokyo during a Godzilla festival. Its the Olympics - whoosh. gone. Its the Catholics - whoosh. Gone. Leaving the Left Behind to drive in wonder on miraculously clear roads, thinking that your commute time to work would be greatly aided by more major events.

Except if you lived anywhere near Randwick.

So anyway, onto the gig. We did a happy three sets, Hello to Maria, Adam and Craig and Kirileigh  (yes we are on a first name basis with our listeners). Also a shout out to Australia's Very Own Rock Chick, Alana!

As per usual, we're doing Set List Adjustment - leading to the Two Set List Dilemna - thats where you print MRoses version and your own and bring them both to the gig. Then Paul scribbles them to bits anyway. We're a tad over-organised, oui?

Miss Vicki Nick joined us for a late set and a bit of Swamp Monster, (thanks Vicki) and we rolled out another new one, Roscoe's Boogie (Hey X. We'll record it next time). We're trying to introduce a new song from the current set of Contenders for the Next Album (17 so 18...collect'em all) and work them through to see which ones make it and which ones are The Weakest Link. It's brutal.

Cheers to DDJ for the loan of his Peace Kit and thankyou to everyone who braved the Pilgrims to see us! We're backing up for the next show at the HPH next sunday. Come on down!