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While we were on stage they stole our car and torched it! How Rock can you get?

It kind of sucks, but as I have been bleating on for the better part of two weeks about it, I'm going to keep it short. ARGH!!! This is what we found when we got to the site of the wreck.


I blogged about it here.

Its been a week or so and it still stinks. Even though it wasnt my car. (then i would be crying)

We tried notifying various media, because it was just such a shock, but as they rightly pointed out, many other bad things are happening in the world at the same time. I guess things are tough all over...

Still, anyone who wants to donate to the Buy Mal A Car fund, stay tuned and I'll post a donation page when he gets his paypal thing up. If you help him, you get to name the car!