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Welcome to the new stormcellar site! Thanks for stopping by.

Not content with a myspace, facebook (barely touched it), sonicbids and youtube site, we had to go get our own happy hunting grounds on the web, where we could share with you all the extra stuff that might otherwise engender a lawsuit.


Oh yeah. You better believe it. Our web-fu is strong (note the open source site!). Cheers to Gary Stark for some promo code (he is truly the man) and JoomlaBear for a kewl base to mess with. My donation will be shortly forthcoming!

We're actually going to use this site for stuff, you know, like getting feedback and bitching about each other, managing our calendars and gigs and so on, so you just never know what widget or thing will be popping up here next. Like videos and stuff. Blogs. Carnival rides. Recipes for Olive Loaf.

Oh. And music too.

You can join this site. I think. Possibly. Who knows! Press buttons and break things, then email me and I'll fix'em or delete'em. Or Both!

 Welcome to the stormcellar, come on in and shut the doors before the wind plain sweeps you away!

 More soon!