Development update 090724

4 songs now in development and looking pretty good so far.

Did I mention how much Excel type spreadsheets are part of our daily lives? :p

I keep an online google sheet of our repertoire and development pool.

Anyway, we now need to put drums down. Haven't sent you two new guides yet, still working on lyrics.

Javier re-did the acoustic for Psy. Surf, drums needed.

Hawkie had a go at sax for fix is in but...i think imma just finish it with that I have

The Yearning has had first pass vocals, now needs rebuilding which will be drums/vox and gtr redo, also maybe some key changes maybe rearrangment dunno.

Heavens on my shoulder is waiting on lyrics

Robin trower thing - no lyrics, too nascent to share yet.

Liquidator remix in progress, maybe 1-3 version, maybe a STURMKELLER ep?

Stormcellar Instrumental collection basically rady as soon as I wanna do the work of exporting, uploading and arting.

Things are going pretty well under the circumstances, would be good to have a few more gigs to pay for some proper studio time :)