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Movement today and yesterday.

Hawkie is looking at Sax for the fix is in.

Javier is looking at acoustic guitar to rebuild psychedelic surfer from guide to recorded track. needs some additional arrangement.

Mr Wizard just laid down a new one we are calling 'robin trower' for the time being and today we're working on 'the yearning', a kind of Springsteen-y ballad.

This really is some greenhouse action, as each thing blossoms in it's own time. So far this year we have released 4 singles, this crop looks like another easy 4 over the next 6 weeks, so we are roughly on normal time frame for an album's worth.

I expect I'll be sending guide tracks in the next tidal cycle, you'll get'em when the lads get them, and you'll join us each step of the way as we make'em.greenhouse_3_sq.png