Thursday, still had the end of this cold. Achoo. Missed Henry's funeral. Knew he would have understood. Recovered enough to try leaving on Thursday night. Packed car.
Car wouldnt start
Bought jumper leads
Car wouldnt charge
Changed cars
Left late
Travelled through moonlight, no traffic, all the way across the Blue Mountains, listening to the instrumental compilation, Rogues State/Safe Harbour and Basilisk.
Got to Bathurst, still awake, let's push on.
Decided to go to a 24 hour motel in Orange.
google lied. None of them are open.
2am, sleeping in car at rest stop. Dave back home is worried we'll freeze. I'm in Dad's car, its insulated, we get some rest.
5:45 am we're back on the road.
Google tries to take us off the main highway and leads us through the back of nowhere with kangaroos hopping across the road at dawn. Fortunately I was driving slowly.
Got to Cobar at 11am, got some sleep, did gig.
Got up next day drove to Dubbo, did gig, slept in traditional old country bar/hotel.
Got up next day and drove to Orange, gig was cancelled by venue, they took us to lunch instead!
Nice lunch.
Drove home.
There were a few moments of driving through the open spaces that did me a powerful good ;)
It's a big country and it's enough to make you remember that the other problems are smaller than they appear, especially in the rearview mirror.

Join us for a moment of it: