Where's Henry? We would ask. The lights needed turning on. The sound desk needed knob twiddling.

Henry popped outside for a smoke, we expect we’ll see him at some point, when we all jam at the great gig in the sky.

Mini tour in 10 days. Much happiness. It’s the real stuff. Travelling feels like playing hookey.

Might get some multimedia capture going.

God bless the chaps for some new songs from the back catalogue omg. It’s a real bugger to try and figure out what to play when you like a lot of songs.

There are some from Rogue State, Signposts and Sweet Grace of Mercy that haven’t really come out to play yet. I am looking forward to seeing some of them emerge.

Production flowing at a positive rate – tide comes in, tide goes out.

Since Jan when we released Basilisk, we have put out 3 singles, waiting for bob, morning flame and two week millionaire.

According to my production spreadsheet we’re tracking around 50 songs. That’s why we started greenhouse 3, to further winnow stuff out and to encourage new growth.

We have a lot of ‘Ballad’ type songs on the list which is why they are left to grow for a while. Sometimes you want a little more upbeat stuff so it is a blending job as well.

I am expecting at least two songs to come out pretty soon tho – and I just don’t know yet if it’s Album’s or EP’s this year, the variation on theme seems pretty…um….errr…well…they’re all their own thing so who knows at this point.

It’s organic growth. Slightly irregular, in its own time, and just right.

For Patreon supporters I shared a close-to-useable-but-not-quite guide track for ‘Psychedelic Surfer’. I was hoping to be working on that today but the guys needed to take a raincheck on it.

I’m also having fun with STORMCELLAR: the Movie, although I guess it will be Stormcellar: The Manga ;P

It's coming up on a year since I did Mallee Boy, using the generative robots to storyboard it. Why not do it with our our myths? Hmm.

Good times in the stormcellar 😊 stay tuned.