Wanna support the band, well we've sold out. Yeah. If no one's buying can we sell out?

After a long time resisting we've joined the subscriuption thing i mean god help us but anyway.

Once again, it's another experiment. 2024 seems to be the year of sharing.

So join us on Patreon to get the guide tracks! as well as Development tracks! Front row seat to the madness as it blossoms.

Become a subscribed cellar dweller! Do what you were doing anyway but give us money. Brilliant. boomshanka!


From Patreon:

Ok so I NEVER share this stage of making the song outside the band. This is sort of stage 2.

Stage 1 was the idea, capturing it on my phone. This is an idea from some time back. These things take time to mature.
Soooo this is super super super early and as a patron of the band you're gonna get to see this one go through the full run of stages - from guide track, to recorded track, to mixed track, to released track. As promised, when I start to share, you get it too, just like the cellar fellers do, with 1 exception - I won't share the raw first guides, it'd be like offering uncooked foodstuffs. tasting along the way is fine but let's not do the ick. lol.

Ok so - here we are with a 'guide track - Stage 2 is where I have enough lyric and basic stuff to put it into 'the machine' as we call it.

This is the stage at which we give it to the other players and say heeyyyyy what about this?

Now some reminders - things change a lot.
Things take longer than we expect

Things take less time than we expect
We really arent sure what to expect, that's why it's so much fun.

Lyrics change, melody changes, new parts, new stuff.

So - no complaining when you get demo love. As a Patron, you call always listen to the early demo's or maybe even get your own mix :)

this one will have to be recorded again from scratch which is a risk, cos capturing the energy is tricky, but that's the job. If the song's good enough it'll make it.

I am glad to see that there is a fine crop coming up in greenhouse 3, I expect a few more, in their own time, at their own rate.