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I went and gathered all our instrumentals plus some other stuff, been meaning to for a while.


The fellers are reviewing it to see what stays or goes and the order.


Then I'll do some additional mastering for the stuff that was never released!

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It means you get to hear the work in progress and it helps us out :)

A lot of brilliant instrumental stuff from Michael Rosenthal and Bill Williams, Emeritus members :), plus Michael Coggins, Mr Wizard and the gang, Bukhuchulun Gaburged, Dr Geoff Gartner and all the stuff from Everywhere feels like home, Rut Santamaria de Llorente and her mates on Brave with your heart, Marcus Holden on strings, Michael Hawke on sax. Even at first assembly its a ripper.


It's been a feature of our work to encourage all of the members to do their own stuff, that's made our work all the richer. There's lots of room in the stormcellar to try stuff :) Long may it continue.