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Did a mixing session today trying to come to terms with 2 Week Millionaire. Hoo boy.

Everytime we fixed one thing we found another problem.

Error 1 - drum loop wasnt accurate.
Error 2 - &@*#ing cymbal wash from loop
Error 3 - duplicating loop with no cymbal means conforming it to Error 1 cos everything is now based on Error 1. We didnt buy the Good Drum Software on Basilisk cos we wanted to use the freebie stuff cos...however, the freebie stuff has limits and I found them and how.
Error 4 - The Bass is wrong in the pre-chorus.
Error 5 - The Mando, too much
Error 6 - The Rhythm guitar, just naaah. Drone. nope.

This took all day to deal with. I am stoked. I was befuddled as to what was wrong with it before. 
On the plus side, 'AHA!!!' So that's what's wrong with it.

Now we gotta patch Bass part, then re-record the guitar cos it ought to be acoustic guitar for this song, then I have to remix with the new parts. This will take a little longer than I had imagined it would.

I am very happy to have found why it wasn't 'sitting'. It took the two of us to work out all the little bits.

The last few albums have been different for us because historically we would record songs after they had been stage tested.

Leaving me with a very pleasant vibe for todays session of finally figuring out why it didn't sound right.

Gotta slow my roll on it. We'll see how we go in the coming week, no more recording on it until Monday.