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My how things change. I've been using the image generators and now my mate Tommy has shown me the music generators.

Holy crap LOL.

Oh well. 

Busy week coming up with a drum session for Theo for 'liquidator' and '2 week millionaire', plus a bass session, then mixing.

We've had a quiet non gigging time and that's been nice but things are starting to get busier.

I still havent integrated the Patreon stuff and here cos I don't wanna spend ANOTHER $10 a month on software subscriptions, this nicekl and dime stuff argh! dont ask me, thats just how it went, spend a few bucks with us and I'll use'em to fend off the robots. or hire robots. Or dress up as a robot.

Speaking of which, I am using a new image generator for some more vids. Stay tuned.