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Ok, so spot the dude withthe DALL-E subscription for the month! C'est Moi!

I've been working on concepts for a STURMKELLER album - it gives us all a chance to really push the songwriting. In a way, as brand? alt brand? law and order: Umlaut Brigade?...I think it gives Mr Wizard some freedom to try some new ideas. Not that we haven't already been doing that but what the heck, let's go nuts.

Whilst doing some thinkies, I came up with the album name, some concept art and...added a totally unecessary Umlaut thing cos...Motorhead right? ;P 




My love of the present stuff coming out of eastern europe is driving some fun ideas. Shout out to Super Besse, one of my fave new bands.

At the very least we'll get a single or two out of the idea. Hey who knows, maybe even more.