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1. regional tour - cobar/dubo/tbd in June i am stoked.
2. More gigs coming mid year, inc a double header with The Marvellous Hearts.
3. Mixing for the Castaway single sort of almost. Theo wanted to snip the end but I kinda like it. EQ'd to suit Mr Wizard, some reverb had amped the hi frequencies. ETA...dunno. when.
4. Still havent worked out website/patreeon integration ARGH BAH!
5. Got a super nice vibe on Basilisk from FOTB Steve J. Review to follow.
6. Downtime season 4 pilot in pre production.
7. EP for '3 songs about death' still pending. Prolly remix a little, master and away we go. why not right?
8. Talent buying for CRAB 2024 underway (omg)
9. when brain recharge done, aiming for next video :P
10. Percussion still pending for 2WM, which means no bass, which means no mixing, which means....days pass by. If too much time passes I'll go an alternate route.

Stay tuned. Good to be bizzy

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