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Be easier if this RSS thing synched...grr..



2 week millionaire is in full flight. ETA as a single this quarter. Awaiting percussion, then bass, then drums, then mixing.

Morning Flame is out as a single. Hollow Tree/Running Screaming/Giants Fall all out as videos.

Patreon thing happening (go join it will spare me more coding)

Awaiting percussion, then bass, then drums, then mixing.

Slowly working towards a new season of Downtime, continuing to work through the greenhouse and also maybe some local touring.

We're active. As soon as I can cross integrate these feeds the details will pop up here. There's no rush, no hurry, we're just...getting on with it. Cos we dig it. And its a better way to spend our time than doomscrolling through state sponsored propaganda. I like our lies better.