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Yet Another X-ING monthly subscription fee to make things work? Seriously at .003 or something per play thats a lot of plays to cover even another $10 a month.

ARGH and POO! Bum! It's like that snow piercer sci fi. I can only keep the machine working if I lubricate it with the tears of musicians.

I have not been able to integrate the Patreon feed here without a 3rd party app and I am having a minor hissy fit cos I keep getting close to an answer and then there's another $ in the tail each time. At this point imma have to start coding to avoid getting eaten to pieces by every single teeeeny tiny app that wants a few bucks a month. I mean its all good people gotta get paid, respect but...

There are a LOT of apps asking for a buck. Jeebus, us included. (sigh). CTRL-V- CTRL-P It is for a while I guess.

So be it.