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I've resisted using these platforms until i realised that what we're doing is about the doing, rather than strictly the end product.

So it makes sense to share it. Patreon's semi-paywall stuff actually makes some of my jobs easier - I can finally share to FB and Tw...Xitter from one push. If I could get the same posts to reliably appear here when they are posted I'd be stoked.

So far the RSS feed bot I tried was meh and I dont want another nickel and dime per month app...t
o support my efforts to get others onto a monthly nickel and dime app.

OH THE IRONY. At the same time, the 21st century is here and the way music works is different so...

Radio's more or less gone. The web is now a collection of 5 sites recycling content from the 20th century or their handpicked owned product.

Podcasting is whatever it is. Streaming services and youtube ad supported are the last vestiges of commercial usage charges and they pay Bupkes. It's grim. Why are we so dang cheerful?


No time for DOOM! I have to integrate this bloodsucking app. I mean very reasonable new way of supporting the creators and artists you like. (did I get that right?).

This is all so nuts. Why worry. Beep boop.